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Blood night Pc Game 2020

CROSSBOW: Blood night Pc Game 2020 Overview

 The CROSSBOW Bloodnight Pc Game 2020 is inspired by the Lateran committee that is pronounced as cursed on the use of a crossbow. That committee was organized by pope innocent II. The covens were hellish by nature. They have no control over their negative powers, but they were not completely wrong. The covens committee saw its unstoppable power as sinful and devilish.

Among the covens of the crossbow, some ancient hunters promised to guard the balance between the forces of heaven and hell, you can say good and bad forces in all probabilities and at every cost. As fire and epidemic destroy London in the year 1666 and this is a huge challenge for the coven.

The ancient horror from beyond makes its way towards our reality. In that epidemic situation, crowds of nightmare beasts and ghosts rule the darkness of nights. Now, the Bloodnight is upon us and our hunting just started.

Arena Shooter:

It’s basically a frantic score attack arena shooter set in a world of the camp of horror and gore. It’s just going around shooting. to a set of scores which many games before this have been doing and do not though this game has a full skill rewarding movement, mechanisms like dash jump and bunny hops.

You have also devastating special attacks, and which takes time to recharge obviously. The CROSSBOW Bloodnight Pc Game 2020 is very monotonic and not so fun. Even though, we have a lot of enemies. There are six enemy types and two varieties.

Key Features:

1- Mysterious Crossbow with various shooting modes, further authorized by siphoned spirits of your target.
2- Fluid, skill-rewarding movement, mechanics with sprints, jumps, and bunny flights.
3- Devastating special attack that takes time to recharge and, is best used in strategic moments.
4- Immediate respawn button and fast respawn after death, so you can stay engrossed in the game.
5- Six enemy types in two variants, endlessly flooding the night-clad courtyard of the old, dishonored abbey occupied by monks or nuns that becomes the showground of your fight.
6- Global leaderboard system, so you can compete against friends and strangers.
7- Full controller support.

Mature Content Description:


The designers illustrate the content like this:

The game contains dreadful imagery, graphic violence, and violence in the tone of classic horror B films.

Technical Specifications of This Release:

  1. Game Version: Initial Release
  2. Interface Language: English
  3. Audio Language: English
  4. File Name:
  5. Download Size: 846 MB
  6. MD5SUM: 188fc5f7fa9ff32eeb30bf6ae25096da

System Requirements of CROSSBOW Bloodnight Chronos

Before you start downloading CROSSBOW Bloodnight Pc Game 2020, be assured your PC assembles minimum system requirements.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Operating System: Windows 10.
  2. Processor: Intel Core i5-7500.
  3. Memory Space: 4 GB RAM.
  4. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M.
  5. DirectX: 11th
  6. Storage Capacity: 2 GB available space.

CROSSBOW Bloodnight Pc Game 2020 Free Download:

Click the button given below, to start download CROSSBOW Bloodnight Pc Game 2020. The full and complete game is available here. Just download and start playing it. We have offered a direct link containing the full setup of this game.



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Blood night Pc Game 2020

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